Litigation Services

Litigation Services

Accuracy and Confidentiality

Like many jobs that come through our print shop, litigation jobs demand speed and precision. They also require complete confidentiality on the part of our employees. We understand that no amount of speed and accuracy on our part can make up for a breach of confidence. That is why we will never compromise our commitment to maintaining confidentiality. We’re proud to provide exceptional service and quality while preserving your clients’ privacy.

Scanning and Digital Archiving

DocuPrintnow offers complete scanning and archiving services. We can scan your color or black and white originals and save in whichever file format you prefer: PDF, TIF, JPG, etc. Scanned documents can then be located in seconds with the proper indexing whereby documents are arranged and ordered for easy retrieval.

"Word searchable" PDFs can also be created allowing a search for files/pages containing specific words and phrases. Imagine how invaluable this technology can be when searching for key words within hundreds or thousands of pages!

Briefs and Appendices

We maintain the appropriate color covers and stock all the binding supplies you need for your briefs and appendices. We work quickly and diligently to make sure your documents arrive on time.

Plus our location, just steps from the New Haven courthouses, make DocuPrintnow the perfect choice for all your legal copying needs.

Discovery Document Copying

With over 40 years of experience in the field, DocuPrintnow has the equipment, expertise, and knowledgeable staff to handle all your discovery document reproduction. We can meet just about any deadline and hand check our work to ensure 100% accuracy.

From duplicating binders with custom index tabs, Bates numbering your documents, printing your full color evidence photos or pages upon pages of discovery documents, you can trust us with your document-heavy cases.

Count on accurately reproduced materials - confidentially - for both hard copy and electronic files.

Trial Exhibits

Within a matter of hours the staff at DocuPrintnow can scan, print and mount your trial exhibits. We can print in color or black and white and will work with you for any special requests you might have for your next courtroom presentation.

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