Blueprint Copies
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Keep information flowing smoothly by enlarging or making copies of architectural drawings or blueprints. At Docuprintnow in New Haven CT, we are able to enlarge, copy, scan, and bind all of your engineering drawings for you. We can print any black and white or color line drawings, including architectural drawings, flow charts, and electrical plans.

  1. *Quantity how many sets do you need?

  2. *Number of Originals number of pages in your file


    If your document consists of more than one page, please enter that number here. Otherwise, please enter 1. If printing two-sided, count each SIDE as one page. 

  3. *Size

  4. *Color Options

  5. *Paper Choices


    20 lb. bond paper is a lightweight paper that you might find in an office printer or copier.

  6. *Binding binding method will depend on number of pages

  7. *Due Date

  8. Upload Your Files High-res print-ready PDF files preferred.

  9. Job Name used for reference on invoice