Saddle Stitch Booklets

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How many pages are in my booklet?

Saddle stitch booklets are made by folding flat sheets in half and stapling down the middle. Because of this, the total number of finished pages in a saddle-stitch booklet must be a multiple of four.

When ordering a booklet, make sure to think about how many total printed pages are in your booklet, EXCLUDING the cover pages.

ex:  If your digital file has 12 total pages in it (including the front and back inside and outside covers), you would choose 8 inside pages.

The number of inside pages DOES NOT INCLUDE the wraparound cover.

See below for a visual guide.

Number of Pages Visual

The cover can either be on the same paper stock as the inside pages (self-cover), or it can be on a heavier stock. Make sure to select the correct paper choice on our order form if you want a booklet with a heavier cover.

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